HENNEKENS Hout Holz Timber B.V. is a wood trade company. We are specialized in the trade of leaf species and in a special range of softwoods.

Direct out of stock we can offer the following leaf species in all kind of sizes and qualities:
– White oak;
– Red oak;
– Poplar;
– Beech.

We can also supply on your demand other species like; ash, maple, lime, acacia and cherry. Next to the leaf species we are specialized in the supply of a special range of softwoods:
– Douglas (4+ cbm/ trunk);
– Douglas, larch and spruce (from palisades up to piles);
– Pine and spruce (export logs).

The most of our customers are companies who produce wooden floors, parquet, furniture, saunas, wooden shoes, building and restoration timber (also for over 100 year’s old windmills, boats/ ships) and other wood made products. Our clientele is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany as well in Poland, Egypt, Italy, Israel, Vietnam and China. We have the connections to supply by road, railway and sea freight.
Separate to the supply of logs we are always interested to by logs of West European species. For the local region (the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), we are also interested to buy standing timber of all kind of species and sizes. We have very good connections to specialized lumberjacks with professional and up to date equipment.
Even for your lumber and timber demand we can give you the optimal solution by supplying direct from the local market. Good service is a big plus of our lumber and timber supply.
In all our activities we have the possibility to work and supply under the FSC® regulation.
For more details of our business, please don’t hesitate and contact us!

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